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Move from what’s now to what’s next.


Move from what’s now
to what’s next.

Sex Positive Therapist

Sometimes we fear judgment when discussing our sexuality.  It can take a lot of resolve to talk about some of the thoughts, feelings, fantasies, and desires we have, things we have possibly never shared with anyone.

Being able to talk about sexuality with your therapist is super important. You must have a therapist whose approach to sexuality embraces the fundamentals of health and happiness.

Sex positive therapy signals a safe and affirming place, but it means more than that.

    1.  A commitment to being well-educated about sexual health and providing accurate and non-judgmental information.
    2.  Consensual sexual expression is treated as a positive, healthy part of life, in the many diverse preferences people have, and seeking and finding pleasure is encouraged.
    3.  Inclusive acceptance, respect, and an embracing of the multitude of amazing relationship expressions that feel right for each individual.
    4.  Affirming of all gender, sexual, relationship (GSRD) and body identities, expressions, and experiences.
    5.  A deep respect for each individual’s ability to choose.
    6.  Ability to talk about and embrace pornography, sexual fluidity, non-monogamy, sex work, masturbation, kink, BDSM, sex toys, etc. as a normal and healthy experience.
    7.  Going beyond body positivity – the exploration of body liberation and body neutrality.
    8.  Encouraging sexual exploration and curiosity as a beautiful and valuable part of life!

Sex-Positive Therapist LogoWe encourage you to embrace your desires with love and curiosity.

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