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Move from what’s now to what’s next.


Move from what’s now
to what’s next.

Gender Identity & Trans Affirming Therapy

The most complicated relationship we have is the one we form with ourselves.  It reflects a lifetime of experiences, friends, loves, adventures, happiness, and disappointment, all jumbled together in our memory, some more poignant than others.

The person we are today is informed and influenced by these memories.  And intimately involved in our life is our sense of gender identity—both a biological reality and a manifestation of our life’s experiences.

Gender HandsWhat happens when that biological reality is in conflict with our life’s experiences?  What if our friends don’t understand us or our family looks at us a bit differently?  What if we aren’t really sure what’s going on in our own head?  Or maybe we do know, but we don’t have the words to express it.

Or worse, nobody is listening.

There are many possible gender identities, experiences, roles, and expressions.  These may be solid and they may be fluid. You might have a clear picture of how you wish to express your gender and you might not.  How do you fit into society, community, friendship, family, love, life and especially, how to you fit into you?

Our Therapists

The goal of gender identity therapy and gender therapy is to find an expression of gender that feels most genuine and authentic for you.

The therapists at Affirming Therapy Center are trans-affirming, non-binary affirming, and are advocates for the gender expression that best suits you.  Indeed, part of our mission is to help you be the best you that you can be!

Contact us today so we can help you find your expression of gender that feels most genuine and authentic for you.