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Move from what’s now to what’s next.


Move from what’s now
to what’s next.


Being a volunteer is more than just giving back to the community.

It is supporting and encouraging the causes we believe in.  It is helping the people who devote their time and energy to helping other people.  It is furthering the ideals of our culture and our humanity.

The staff of Affirming Therapy Center donates over 500 hours annually to the following organizations and causes.

Balletiquette Dance & Pilates Studio
Career Guidance for up-and-coming therapists and sex therapists
Client-Centered Advocacy
Creek to Bay Cleanup
Education for Conferences and Trainings: SexPosCon
GSRD-Affirming Therapist Forum
House of Black
San Diego Pride
Stage 7 School of Dance

Please join us in thanking these people and organizations, and remember that “giving” is one of life’s special pleasures.
Thank you