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Meet the team of clinicians at Affirming Therapy Center

Affirming Therapy Center prides itself on providing our clients with GSRD-friendly therapists who have a broad background of knowledge and skills.

Of course, we realize that you are seeking specific qualities in a therapist.  One size does not fit all. It’s important to find a good match between you and your therapist, both in personality and perspective.

Take a moment to read about our therapists and find the right one for you.  They each have a unique style and set of skills and education.  We encourage you to contact them directly to schedule an initial session or a free 10-15 minute intake call.

Or, if you already know what you want to talk about, visit the Specializations section at the bottom of the page.  This may help you better find a therapist who fits your needs.

If you are not sure which therapist is right for you, not to worry!
•  Simply send an e-mail to Team@AffirmingTherapyCenter.com.
•  Include a brief description of what’s going on for you and your availability for appointments.
•  One of our friendly therapists will respond to you to get started.

Affirming Therapy Center serves the entire state of California via TeleHealth.

Jesse Jones
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(MFT 121998)

I dedicate myself to the idea that all people are in the same boat, and that the best way to progress in life is to be empathetic, compassionate, and helpful to others. My work and commitment to helping others have evolved into me being able to reach those who live with challenges and struggles, assisting them in finding their own skills and tools to be able to face down the problems that arise in life.

I am humorous, compassionate, energetic, and enthusiastic about helping those who need help. I believe in people. I believe in their stories. I believe in their power. And I believe in their authenticity and ability to write their own life story.

Sandra Koellmann

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(LCSW 107435)

My sex-positive approach focuses on celebrating sexual diversity. With more than ten-years of study and work in the field of sexual health, I have a very comfortable, non-judgmental, and relaxed style when discussing topics pertaining sex and intimacy. My greatest desire is to be a catalyst for the life changes you are seeking.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, concerns with relationships, or intimacy issues, I can help with the path forward. Through collaboration and with a genuine belief that you hold many of your own solutions, we will navigate your future together.

Skyler White
Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
(AMFT 107192)
Supervised by Jennifer Rehor, LMFT, CST
(MFT 94564)

My favorite clients are those who have begun to question social/cultural norms, who want to break the mold and write their own rules for a life well-lived. I believe pleasure is a human right and everyone deserves the opportunity to improve and enjoy their relationships, both with themselves, their chosen partners, and their own sexuality.

The most rewarding aspect of this work for me is helping people gain a clearer picture of their own wants and needs by untangling some of the things that have been holding them back. Witnessing them step into their power from that place of clarity is so fulfilling!

Jennifer Rehor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(MFT 94564)
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Envision having the best life and the best relationships with others that you can, and not just settling for “good enough.”

As the founder and owner of Affirming Therapy Center, my passion is to help therapists provide the excellent service that our clients deserve. We love to work with people who have full, meaningful lives and yet still grasp for deeper happiness. To help them see that “happy” is not a goal, but a journey — a journey that can be filled with love, loss, growth, change, surprises, sadness, and dreams, and it’s that journey that makes us the unique individuals we are.

Remember: The path of life should not be so serious that we forget to have fun.

At Affirming Therapy Center, we support and encourage your desire for growth in a completely non-judgmental way, in a space that acknowledges your unique personhood and distinct challenges.

ATC is dedicated to serving and supporting communities of Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity (GSRD).


Sometimes our clients already know what they want to talk about.  They are aware of their own needs and hope to find a therapist who is trained and experience in just those topics.  For those clients, we have organized our therapists by their specialization.

Alternative Lifestyles

BDSM, Fetish Exploration, and Kink

Depression Therapy

Gay Therapist

Gender Identity & Trans Affirming Therapy

Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity (GSRD)

Intimacy Issues

LGBTQ-Friendly Therapy

Non-monogamy, Polyamory, and Open Relationships

Relationship Challenges & Relationship Concerns

Sex Positive Therapist

Sex Therapy

Sexual Functioning

Sexual Health