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Move from what’s now to what’s next.


Move from what’s now
to what’s next.

Gay Therapists

Being gay is not comic relief in a bad Hollywood movie or an activist in Washington.

It’s you.  Simply, you.  It’s you with all your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, failures, and successes.

Okay, good; we’ve got that issue cleared up.

And you, being you, would like to talk to someone who intrinsically understands that essential and intimate part of you.  Specifically, a gay therapist.

So, what should you look for when choosing a gay therapist?

Gay TherapistA gay therapist is open about their own sexual orientation and is willing to candidly discuss yours.

A gay therapist is comfortable with their own sexuality and is able to discuss issues that you may be facing as a gay person.

But sexual orientation is not all that you should look for in a therapist. Your therapist must have education and training in the issues that can face gay clients.  Your therapist must be familiar with issues of sexuality, coming out, internalized homophobia, HIV/AIDS, depression, and self-destructive behaviors, as well as more traditional issues like dating, social skills, and relationships as they pertain to the gay population.

Well, you are in luck.

Our Therapists

The gay therapists at Affirming Therapy Center have shared in the wonders and challenges of this fascinating identity and sexuality.  Being a gay therapist allows them to speak to those experiences with candor, insight, and understanding.

Maybe you are being faced with difficult challenges.  Or maybe you just want to talk to someone who will listen and understand.

Please contact one of our gay therapists.  The whole reason we are here is to listen and understand, so that you can be you.  Simply, you.

Contact us today to speak to one of our gay therapists.